5 Best Android Open World Games

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Open-world video games are fascinating. While discovering these gems, you have a whole universe at your fingertips, with all the adventures, multiple locations, and exploration tools it brings to the table. In this post, we’re going to cover the top open world games for Android. Feel free to browse through our selection below and enjoy running the titles you haven’t tried before through their paces.

1. Minecraft: Build Your Own World


Minecraft, this major gaming phenomenon, is a title that has reached the pinnacle of success on every platform it has been launched on. When making the most of this awesome game, you get to build your own neverending world. Build like an architect. Build like an artist. As a matter of fact, no other game reflects the soul of the open-world sandbox genre as brilliantly as Minecraft does.

2. ARK: Survival Evolved — Adventures & Survival

ARK- Survival Evolved

Dinos, various creatures with multiple skills, crafting, taming, socializing… If you like the way it sounds, you should definitely test-drive this awesome survival game. While playing it, you’re free to adjust the gameplay to your liking. The game is incredibly immersive and interactive. People of all ages enjoy it, claiming that it helps their ability to socialize and strategize.

3. Grand Theft Auto Series: the Cradle of the Genre

Grand Theft Auto Logo

No doubt, Grand Theft Auto should be on this list. Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized the open-world genre, taking your mobile gaming experience to a whole new level. While playing this outstanding game, you will discover a beautiful city, complete various missions, and quests, steal cars, escape from the police, and have a blast discovering every nook and cranny the title has to offer.

4. Crashlands: One-of-a-Kind Exploration Adventure Game


Crashlands is best described as Don’t Starve meets Castle Crashers on acid. Such a limitless world to explore, tons of critters to slay, plenty of things to build, and lots of fun to have! Even if you’re not very much into crafting-oriented open-world games, Crashlands is a lot more than that. It’s a fantastic exploration adventure game, with a make-you-smile storyline, action-RPG systems, and elements of survival.

5. Terraria: Fun and Minecraft


Just like Minecraft, Terraria is a sandbox-style game where you dig, craft, build, engage in boss fights, overcome challenges, and explore. The visuals and the soundtrack of the game are truly impressive, while the level of difficulty is determined by your progression. Everyone loves this open-world game. So if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to run this title through its paces ASAP.

Sticking With the Best Open World Game for Android

If you’ve tried at least one or two games from our list above, you’re well aware that they’re outstanding. So, what about you? Any free offline open world games for Android that you believe should be on our today’s list? You’re welcome to share your thoughts on the issue in the comment box below. Speak up and get the discussion going. Your feedback is important.


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