Best Exclusive Apps for iOS You Won’t Find on Android

Bryce Adams


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While Android excels in showering you with top-level customization possibilities, iPhone has always been focused on the apps. There are tons of apps for Android phones on the scene, that’s a fact.

However, app developers seem to primarily focus on Apple’s platform when it comes to creating the best software.

Furthermore, in many instances, iOS is the only platform where you can lay your fingertips on some apps.

Best iOS Exclusive Apps: Give Them a Go Today!

In today’s post, we’ve selected some of the best iOS exclusives you won’t access on any other platform. So, read on and enjoy discovering some of the best iOS exclusive apps currently available in the App Store. Run the ones you haven’t tried through their paces and feel free to share your thoughts on them with your fellow iOS enthusiasts in the comment box at the bottom of this post.

Spectre Camera: Your Secret Behind Long-Exposure Shots

Spectre Camera

This fantastic photography software assists you in taking outstanding long exposure pictures while stabilizing the shot, removing people from the photos, making the traffic disappear, and working other magic on your shots. The app boasts an intuitive gentle-on-the-eyes user interface, as well as some really top-notch features and modes. Spectre does take some getting used to, but overall, this delightful app is fairly straightforward.

Apollo: Immersive Illumination — Add Lighting Source to a Portrait Scene


If you’re looking to gain impressive control over the lighting in your photos taken via the Portrait Mode on your iPhone, this awesome piece of software may be right up your street. Apollo is not a breeze to get to grips with. However, once you really master this feature-packed gem of an app, it’s sure to boost your smartphone photos tremendously.

HomeCourt: Your Personal AI-Fueled Basketball Instructor


This one-of-a-kind application will transform your iOS-backed device into your own basketball coach. By analyzing your pre-recorded movements, the app aids you in training better, smarter, and generally improving your shooting technique. The free part of the HomeCourt app allows you to analyze up to 1,000 shots per month. Cutting to the chase, HomeCourt is a smooth and handy app for any basketballer who’s on the prowl for a top-level activity and performance tracker.

Agenda: a New Take on Note Making


Agenda is among the most fascinating and practical note capturing apps on iOS. And it’s your uniquely wise choice if you’re on the hunt for a superb tool to aid you in taking notes and staying organized. By making the most of this wonderful, feature-rich tool, you get to organize notes based on category or project, as well as sync them over iCloud or share them in multiple formats. Such a uniquely flexible solution for seamless integration with your workflow.

Cutting to the Chase: Your Take on iOS-Only Apps

Certainly, all major apps are available on both iOS- and Android-powered devices. However, there’s still a treasure trove of iOS-only gems you can enjoy test-driving. So, what’s your opinion on iOS exclusive apps? Which of the ones listed in this post have you tried? Perhaps, you’d want to add your all-time favorite yummies to our selection? We appreciate your feedback greatly.


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