Unleashing the Power of Persuasion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Enter the magical realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, a place where heroes and villains from your beloved Disney films co-exist. However, the villains are always up to their wicked antics, leading to the onset of various quests for the unsuspecting player. To maintain the cheerful and harmonious vibes of this ethereal place, the player has to step in from time to time.

Embark on "Voice of Reason" Quest

Embark on Voice of Reason Quest

After successfully navigating the anguishes of Ursula’s previous shenanigans in the "A Show Like No Other" quest, it's time to gear up for a new challenge. Ursula has, yet again, stirred up some trouble, and the onus lies on the player to resolve it via the "Voice of Reason" quest. Prepare to enter a realm of exciting challenges and tasks, all while navigating the mystical world of Dreamlight Valley.

Starting the Journey

Upon concluding "A Show Like No Other" and passing one real-world hour, the player can engage in a conversation with Ursula to initiate the "Voice of Reason" quest. This quest can only be unlocked via Ursula's Transformation Dream Bundle, which requires the game's paid currency, the Moonstones. Besides gifting an exclusive Dream Style skin for Ursula, this bundle opens the door to an array of exciting rewards through new quests.

Regaining the Lost Voices

Your first task? Ursula has turned the voices of Mother Gothel, Mirabel, and Kristoff into Voice Squid, and it's on you to recover them. These voice squids can be found in the Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, and Peaceful Meadow biomes. Look for the sparkling orange pools in these biomes to retrieve the voice squids. After having retrieved the voice squids, talk to afflicted villagers- Mother Gothel, Mirabel, and Kristoff.

Regaining the Lost Voices

Become a Witty Lyricist

Your journey doesn’t end there. To restore each character’s voice, you must indulge in a playful exercise of composing lyrics with the characters. They will provide the first verse while you select a second line from a list of three options. Every selection will form a rhyme, which was Ursula’s only stipulation.

The Finale: Unveiling the Enchanted Stage

This quest draws to a close with the crafting of an extravagant Enchanted Stage for Ursula’s performance. Gather the required materials, head to a crafting station, and find the recipe for the Enchanted Stage. Then, place this specially crafted stage in the Glade of Trust. Finally, interact individually with Mirabel, Kristoff, and Mother Gothel to confirm that their voices have been restored. Celebrate your victory by returning to Ursula with the good news and receiving the Enchanted Stage and Enchanted Mic as your reward.

Enjoy the high of successful problem-solving and get ready because Ursula's new quest, "Deal of the Day: Off the Hook," awaits!


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