Unveiling the Prestige of Lionel's Armor: A Step-by-Step Elden Ring Guide

Bryce Adams


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Lionel's Armor Set in Elden Ring is not merely a collection of protective gear; it's a statement of resilience and might on the battlefield, particularly when facing formidable foes like Malenia. If you seek to adorn yourself with the sturdy garb of Lionel the Lionhearted, this guide will lead you through the process with precision, ensuring that the valor of a true warrior is reflected in your attire.

Step 1: Journey to Leyndell, Royal Capital

Journey to Leyndell, Royal Capital

Before the quest for Lionel's Armor can begin, one must tread through the perilous yet captivating lands of Elden Ring to reach the Royal Capital, Leyndell. This urban maze serves as the threshold to your coveted prize and can be accessed after toppling at least two shard-bearing titans. Once you've engraved their great runes into your essence, head eastward along the grand Altus Highway to encounter the formidable Draconic Tree Sentinel standing guard at the capital's gates. With cunning or combat, surpass this adversary to step foot into your urban battleground.

Step 2: Navigate the Ramparts of East Capital

Upon your entry, seek out the East Capital Rampart grace site as your beacon. As you wander the ramparts, keep a westward course till you face the south, where the echoes of battle are but a whisper. The path may invite you to dance on rooftops or slip through besieged buildings; choose wisely, for the challenge is not in the destination but in the journey itself. There is poetry in this urban descent—let it guide you toward the Avenue Balcony grace site, your next crucial waypoint.

Step 3: Discover The Lower Capital Church Site of Grace

With the ramparts behind you, descend the grandiose staircase that leads away from the Avenue Balcony. Allow the northwest corridor to unfold in front of you, and where it bids you farewell, take a deliberate leap into the ravaged township cradling Leyndell's underbelly. Here, beware of an Omenkiller's wrath standing sentinel at the building you seek, but fear not its snarl, for you can slip past and find solace at the Lower Capital Church site of grace nested within.

Discover The Lower Capital Church Site of Grace

Step 4: Claim Lionel's Armor Set

Amidst the ruin and beside the grace, a fallen warrior's legacy awaits on a charred effigy. It is here Lionel's Armor, an ensemble of resilience, steadfast against both blade and spirit, lies ready for a worthy successor. Lay claim to this testament of the Lionhearted and feel the weights of history and craft shift upon your shoulders as the set becomes a part of your warrior's path.

Step 5: Alternative Pathing and Considerations

If your footsteps through Leyndell are hastened, or if your combat with the Omenkiller is unwanted, alternative routes exist. One may employ stealth and guile to avoid confrontation or, through the careful application of spells and distractions, navigate the dangers that lurk. Consider that every choice bears its fruit; choose the path best suited to your style and account for your journey's rhythm with consideration and care.

Important Advice: Timing is Crucial

Important Advice Timing is Crucial

Be forewarned, seeker of the Lion’s legacy: timing in this quest is as crucial as strength in battle. Once you face Maliketh, the Black Blade, and the Erdtree burns, Leyndell is forever changed, its ashen shroud sealing away its treasures, including Lionel's vaunted armor. Prioritize this venture lest you wish to wrench this armor set from the annals of possibility and into the realm of legend and lost opportunities.

In your quest for Lionel's Armor Set, recognize that the greatest triumphs often come from a marriage of courage and wisdom. Wear this set with reverence, for it embodies more than the sum of its defenses; it is a beacon of perseverance against all adversities that lie within the Lands Between.


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