Change is Here: A Magic Mirror Revolutionizes Baldur's Gate 3 Character Customization

Bryce Adams


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Calling all Baldur's Gate 3 fans! Prepare to delve further into the realm of character customization with a fantastic new update! The highly anticipated Patch 3, set to debut on September 22, brings an enthralling feature that transforms the way you play - the Magic Mirror.

This thrilling update was disclosed in a recent official tweet from Baldur's Gate 3, causing waves of excitement among followers. To our sheer delight, this magical mirror opens up the way for boundless aesthetic enhancements and personalization. It's worth recalling that since the game's onset, one's character's appearance remained unchanged post-creation - an aspect that will now be history!

However, the mirror bears a few constraints. Regrettably, one may not alter their character's race or body type. This limitation may not sit well with some, but it's reasonable considering the substantial impact of race on character skills and gameplay dynamics. Despite this, the diverse dialogue tags tied to different races wouldn’t function flawlessly with mid-game alterations. 

On a brighter note, Patch 3 empowers you to redefine your character's voice, pronouns, and overall appearance. The alluring magic mirror - 'living' comfortably in your camp – enables these transformations. Here's an intriguing thought: will the 'living' mirror be privileged with a voice? Could it, perhaps, have a snide remark or two concealed up its chiffon sleeve?

However, don't get your hopes up on tweaking the looks of Origin characters. These characters have faithfully tied their appearance, race, and hairstyle to crucial parts of their narratives. Implementing alterations in this coherent setup would undoubtedly muddle the storytelling process.

To conclude, the magic mirror is assuredly a refreshing addition to Baldur's Gate 3, given its potential to redefine character personalization. Enthusiasm and anticipation have flocked around this Patch 3 update, even as we commend Larian Studios' exceptional speed in availing these updates. So, gear up to experiment with exclusive hairdos or perhaps a wig for your wicked, net-hat-wearing necromancer - there's fun to have and a mirror waiting at your camp!


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