Clip Studio Paint 2.0: The Latest Update Transforms Your Art with 3D Modeling and Color Mixing!

Bryce Adams


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Celsys has just released Clip Studio Paint 2.0, the first major update of their popular digital illustration app that introduces a range of new features to help artists create amazing work. This version comes with plenty of tools for creating lifelike images, including customizable 3D models in the Material palette, brush effects, and color mixing options. All of these additions make it easier than ever to create stunning pieces of art using this powerful software.

One of the most exciting additions to Clip Studio Paint 2.0 is the customizable head model within the 3D section of the Material palette – allowing users to position it at any angle they want for easy reference when drawing characters or objects from various angles. There are nine preset faces available for use ranging from realistic humans to anime-style characters and even ultra-masculine superhero figures – giving you plenty of options when creating your illustrations. Additionally, all facial features can be adjusted along with head size and shape, as well as lighting conditions – meaning you have complete control over how your artwork turns out!

Furthermore, users can also take advantage of new brush effects such as texture brushes and particle brushes, which allow them to add realistic details like fur or hair onto their drawings quickly and easily without having to draw every single strand manually – saving time while still achieving beautiful results!

Finally, color mixing has been improved thanks to an updated color wheel that allows more precise tweaking so that you can get exactly what shade you’re looking for without needing any additional software or external devices like tablets or monitors – perfect for those who are working on a budget but still want professional quality results!

Furthermore, head size, shape, lighting effects, and facial features can be adjusted for even more creative possibilities when working with 3D models as references for drawings or sketches. Aside from that, new brush effects have been added, which enable users to create a variety of textures, such as fur or grass, which would otherwise require a lot more manual work if done by hand in traditional drawing methods. Additionally, there is now also additional language support so users from all over the world can enjoy using Clip Studio Paint in their native languages without any issues whatsoever.


With its recent updates giving artists access to powerful tools such as 3D modeling capabilities, brush effects, and improved color mixing options – Clip Studio Paint 2.0 is now one step ahead in providing a comprehensive suite designed specifically for digital illustration needs at an affordable price point compared against similar programs on the market today. Whether you're an aspiring artist wanting gorgeous visuals quickly or a professional illustrator wanting full creative freedom, this app promises something special no matter your skill level – making it one worth checking out if you’re looking into investing in digital art production software anytime soon!


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