Kecleon Joins the Ranks of Pokemon Go

Bryce Adams


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The classic Pokemon Kecleon has recently been added to the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. This Normal-type Pokemon is one of the few new additions to the game in recent months and could make an interesting addition to many players’ teams. 

Kecleon is a unique Pokemon in Pokemon Go, as it is the only one to have the ability Color Change. This ability makes it a powerful choice in battle, as it allows Kecleon to change its type depending on the move used against it. Additionally, Kecleon has two other abilities, Protean and Oblivious, which can help it survive against powerful opponents. 

Kecleon is also quite versatile in terms of its moveset. Its moveset includes moves such as Slash, Shadow Claw, and Brick Break, all of which can be used to great effect in battle. Additionally, Kecleon can learn the powerful Psychic-type move Psycho Cut, giving it even more options in battle. 

Kecleon can be found in the wild in many areas around the world, making it a relatively easy Pokemon to find. It can also be obtained through hatching eggs or trading with other players. Kecleon is a great choice for many players, as it offers a powerful combination of type-shifting abilities and a diverse moveset. 

Kecleon is an exciting new addition to Pokemon Go that is sure to be welcomed by many players. With its powerful Color Changeability, versatile moveset, and availability in the wild, Kecleon is sure to make an impact in the game. For those looking for a powerful new Pokemon to add to their team, Kecleon is definitely worth considering.


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