Lost Ark Players Wrongly Banned in Bot Purge: What We Know So Far

Bryce Adams


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In the past week, a massive Lost Ark Steam ban wave has been hitting hundreds of accounts, resulting in many players being wrongfully banned. It appears that most of the targeted accounts are ones that haven’t played the game recently or have relatively low playtime. This clash between Amazon Games and Valve's storefront has resulted in a massive drop in reviews for Lost Ark, with almost half of them leaning towards negative since January 14th, when players were hit by the ban. 

The developers haven’t yet commented on what could be causing this issue, but some speculate it might be due to an update from December requiring new accounts to prove their “trusted status” before engaging with any competitive Economy tools. This may have led Amazon Games to take a measure as extreme as banning inactive users, as they could potentially give gold farmers access to old accounts and take advantage of them.  

It looks like those who got caught up in this mess can still submit an appeal if they believe their account was marked down in error – some users report that theirs was successfully unbanned after doing so. Additionally, Smilegate released an official statement explaining how they are actively working towards reversing these false bans on all affected legitimate players regardless if there is an appeal or not. 

Ultimately, it appears that these erroneous bans were created by mistake and hopefully rectified by Amazon Games soon enough - no one should suffer permanent consequences because of undeserved penalties given out during a bot purge wave carried out at Lost Ark Online servers!


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