Maverick Games Studio – Former Forza Horizon Developers Launch New Venture

Bryce Adams


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Maverick Games Studio, a new independent game development company founded by former Forza Horizon developers, has recently been established. The team is composed of experienced veterans with over six years of experience in the industry. 

The studio’s goal is to create “AAA quality experiences on PC, console and mobile platforms”. The studio’s first projects will be two original titles, both of which are currently in development. The first title, which is scheduled for release later this year, is a competitive multiplayer arena shooter called “Rise of blades”. The second title, which is currently in pre-production, is an open world action adventure game. 

In addition to the in-house projects, the studio is also working on a number of collaborations with partners such as Epic Games and Unity Technologies. These collaborations will bring more opportunities for the studio to reach a wider audience and create innovative experiences. The studio is also actively seeking publishing and funding deals to help bring their games to market. 

The studio is also committed to creating a positive working environment and collaborating with other developers, publishers, and investors. The team has already established relationships with several industry partners, including Epic Games and Unity Technologies. They are also working closely with the Indie Fund, a venture capital fund that provides support to independent game developers. 

Maverick Games Studio is an exciting new venture from the former Forza Horizon developers. With their commitment to creating AAA quality experiences, their collaborations with industry partners, and their active pursuit of funding and publishing deals, the studio is sure to make an impact on the gaming industry.


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