Siri Gains Natural Language Processing Technology on tvOS 16.4

Bryce Adams


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Apple is said to be working on a new natural language technology for Siri, its voice assistant, which will be available in an upcoming version of tvOS. Dubbed "Bobcat," the new framework will allow users to get improved functionality from their virtual assistant with more contextual answers and witty replies. The development of this technology comes as Apple continues to face challenges with its AI-less template-based system that falls behind competitors like Google Assistant.

The report was first spotted by 9to5Mac report in the current testing version of tvOS 16.4, according to which Apple is looking into integrating “Siri Natural Language Generation” into the platform. This is further corroborated by findings from The New York Times that suggest the company has been developing some “language-generating concepts” for quite some time now. It's likely that Bobcat is part of those efforts and could bring about some much-needed upgrades for Siri when it finally rolls out in a future update.

The industry standard for virtual assistants these days are powered by AI chatbots such as OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google Bard, something which Apple isn't currently pursuing with its voice assistant but may consider doing so down the line if Bobcat proves effective enough in providing better responses and information when requested through questions or commands from users' end.

It remains unclear how far along Apple's development process is regarding Bobcat. Still, it shouldn't be too long before we see what kind of improvements have been made once it goes live officially across all compatible devices running iOS 14 or later versions since both HomePod and Apple TV are expected to benefit from this upgrade as well over time once they receive their respective updates too!

In conclusion, while there isn't much known yet about this project other than what has already been discovered thus far, one thing looks certain; Siri may soon become a lot smarter than it currently is thanks to Apple's new natural language processing technology named Bobcat! We just need to wait until an official announcement comes out regarding any details related to its launch date and features before making any judgments – stay tuned!


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