The Finals: The Potential Hit of 2023

Bryce Adams


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The Finals, the free-to-play shooter game developed by the creators of the acclaimed Battlefield series, has the makings of a hit game. The popularity of the game has been demonstrated by the huge number of players who have expressed their interest in the closed beta tests that began yesterday. With the incredible environmental destruction system and non-stop action, The Finals has the potential to be the hit of 2023.

On its first day, The Finals racked up a total of 13,311 concurrent users, a record for a closed beta game. This suggests that the game has a huge potential to attract a lot of players. The environmental destruction system is also praised for its effectiveness, allowing players to blow up walls in order to get to enemies hiding inside. Further positive aspects of the game include its impressive non-stop action and fluid movements.

Unfortunately, the game does have a few bugs, such as projectiles passing through enemies without dealing any damage. These shortcomings have kept the players from giving mostly positive feedback regarding the game. Beta testing is currently available exclusively for PC and will finish on March 21st. The game is also planned to be released on PC, PS5, and XSX/S later this year. Developers have also made sure to leave no NDA and even encourage players to share their gameplay.

It is clear that The Finals has all the components to become a widely successful game, and the initial results only confirm this point. The impressive environmental destruction system, non-stop action, and fluid movement make this game a great candidate for the hit of 2023. We can only wait in anticipation for the game to launch later this year.


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