The Unforeseen Consequences of Cersei Lannister’s Alliance with the Faith in Game of Thrones

Bryce Adams


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In the labyrinthine plots of Game of Thrones, one of the most intriguing is Cersei Lannister's risky alliance with the Faith in season 5. This unexpected partnership, initiated in the episode "High Sparrow," sets off a chain of unforeseen events that would ultimately result in drastic consequences for Cersei herself. The intricate planning and unexpected repercussions of this plot are worth a deep examination.

Cersei Lannister, in a bid to consolidate the crown's power, decided to align with the Faith, specifically with the Sparrows, a religious faction emphasizing a puritanical and fundamentalist interpretation of the Seven. This group is known for their severity in administering punishments, a trait that sets them apart from the rest of the Faith. However, this alliance was not met with universal approval. The High Septon, the head of the Faith of the Seven, strongly disapproved of the Sparrows and their radical approach to religion.

The High Septon, anticipating the potential chaos this growing zealot faction could bring, warned Cersei and the small council about the dangers of the Sparrows. He feared that if their leader, the High Sparrow, was left unchecked, the situation could quickly spiral out of control. Despite these warnings, Cersei remained steadfast in her decision to join forces with the Sparrows, a move that would later prove to be a critical mistake.

As the plot unravels, it becomes evident that Cersei's gamble did not pay off as expected. Far from solidifying her power, her alliance with the Sparrows led to her own downfall. The High Sparrow turned on her, using the same puritanical principles that she had hoped would strengthen her position to instead subject her to a brutal and humiliating public shaming. The power dynamics shifted dramatically, leaving Cersei in a vulnerable position.

Cersei Lannister's alliance with the Sparrows in Game of Thrones is a classic example of a power play that backfires spectacularly. Her underestimation of the High Sparrow and his followers, coupled with her disregard for the High Septon's warnings, led to one of the most dramatic and decisive moments in the series. It serves as a reminder that in the game of thrones, the line between ally and enemy is often blurred, and those who fail to respect this often pay the price.

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