Xbox Achievements Are Getting an Overhaul in 2024 – Rumour

Bryce Adams


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Since its inception alongside the Xbox 360 in 2005, the Achievements system has been a hallmark of Xbox gaming. Over the years, competing gaming platforms have introduced similar features, many of which have excelled in areas where the Xbox version has remained static. Players on the Xbox platform have been vocal about their wish for enhancements. Now, those enhancements may finally be on the horizon.

During a recent podcast episode, Nick Baker, a co-founder of XboxEra, shared that a significant update to the Achievements system is anticipated to arrive this year. While Baker could not confirm whether the unveiling of the revamped Achievements system would occur in 2024 or if a beta version would be released for initial testing, or a full rollout would take place, he assured that the updated system would at least make an official appearance within the year.

Microsoft has long been hinting at the possibility of an updated Achievements system. Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, hinted just a month ago that the company was in the process of enhancing the Achievements feature. This news adds credibility to the expectations of an improved gaming experience that could provide Xbox players with a much-desired refresh to the Achievement platform.


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