Xbox Dashboard Revamp: A Sleeker, More Responsive Home Experience for Gamers

Bryce Adams


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Xbox enthusiasts can rejoice as Microsoft finally unveils its long-awaited redesign of the Xbox Dashboard, focusing on delivering a sleeker and more visually appealing home experience. The result of a multi-month testing period, the revamped dashboard combines user feedback with stunning design elements, breathing new life into the background art while making the interface more user-friendly.

Since the introduction of dynamic backgrounds with the Xbox Series X and Series S, players have been requesting a less cluttered interface to showcase their favorite motion-based artwork. Microsoft listened, and the upcoming dashboard update will feature smaller game tiles, now positioned lower on the screen, giving the dynamic backgrounds the prominence they deserve. Furthermore, the update will expand the number of visible game tiles on the screen from seven to nine.

Along with adding compact icons for the library, store, Game Pass, and settings at the top, the updated dashboard introduces a "responsive game art feature." When enabled, this feature displays artwork from the currently highlighted game, similar to popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+. While it's unclear if each game will feature multiple artworks, it ensures that the home screen stays fresh and engaging.

Moreover, the "My games & apps" section will now showcase four games that change dynamically based on factors such as pending updates and wish-listed items on sale. This new feature will help users keep track of their gaming library and capitalize on any available deals.

In conclusion, while certain aspects of the updated Xbox Dashboard remain ambiguous, such as the presence of Game Pass offerings and advertisements, the overall design improvements prove exciting for Xbox gamers. Members of the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings can expect to preview the updated home experience shortly, and we can anticipate a public rollout in the near future. The streamlined interface and responsive artwork are a refreshing change that Xbox users can look forward to enjoying in their gaming experience.


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