Warning, Warning! This review will have references to the “old school.” Midway has been gracious enough to grant us a trip back to the olden (maybe glory days) days of Arcade gaming with Midway Arcade Treasures. For some of us, this is trip down memory lane, a visit to our old school ways. For others, this collection is a history lesson in how the video game industry has grown over the years.

Gauntlet, 720, Defender, Joust, Klax, Marble Madness, Paperboy, Rampage, Rampart, RoadBlasters, Robotron 2084, Smash TV, SpyHunter, Super Sprint, Toobin are some of the games included in Midway Arcade Treasures. These games are treasures to some gamers and history making events for the video game industry. With Midway Arcade Treasures not only do you have the chance to play these games again, but you can even learn the history behind the development of the games. There are even trivia questions for some of the games to test your video game knowledge.

The games themselves are emulated versions of the actual arcade games. Previously some collections of these games were based off of the different versions of the games. For example, one collection could be emulated versions of the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System games. But this is not the case with Midway Arcade Classics. All of the games presented in this collection are emulated from the actual arcade game. This itself is a blessing and a problem as well. For the old school gamer, all of the games are exactly the same as they remember back in the 80’s. The simple graphics and sound effects might turn off the new generation of players.

Most of the games on the collection are emulated very well. However some of the games suffer and didn’t make the transition from 80’s arcade game to PS2 game. We should remember that the PS2 is emulating the games presented on this collection. All of the games were originally programmed to run on different systems entirely and especially not a system as powerful as the PS2. For most gamers they will probably never notice a big difference in the performance of the games. I did notice that during one game, RoadBlaster, the game froze up for at least a minute. This was the only big problem I noticed when playing the games. Arcade purist and hardcore old school gamers will probably find other glitches in the emulation, but it’s nothing that takes away from the package.

Some of the games presented in the collection offer a history lesson on how the game was developed. When you select the games from the menu you can press the Square button to bring up the history section for that particular game. Besides a history lesson you can also view different pictures of the Arcade cabinet, graphic logos, advertisements of the game, trivia questions about the game and a video interview with the developers. The different pictures presented of the games were well done and allowed you to zoom in on the pictures. The video interviews varied in quality from game to game. Don’t expect DVD quality on the video interviews. The quality on some of the interviews was very bad. Now be warned, not all of the games in the collection contain a history lesson or video interview. You will probably be surprised by the games that do not contain a history lesson or video interview. For example, why isn’t there any information about Gauntlet? COME ON!!

All in all, Midway Arcade Treasures is a great collection of games for the PS2. Old school or new school should have no problem finding enjoyment from this collection. The history lessons on some of the games were informative as well, but it would have been nice if it was included for every game. It’s all about the games anyway and with over 20 games to choose from, you get more bang for your buck.