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Angry Birds Evolution review

All fans of the series were convinced that Angry Birds is dying and Rovio aren’t able to present anything new. Surprisingly, they decided to convert the game into another genre and succeeded. Now it’s a 3D role-playing title with dynamic multiplayer PVP and over a hundred new upgradable characters! As usual, Angry Birds Evolution is available for free on App Store, Play Market, and Nintendo Store.

Features and Functions

In Angry Birds Evolution, developers from Chimera Entertainment combined the RPG system from Angry Birds Epic with pinball mechanics from Angry Birds Action! The turn-based combat has simple rules: you have to command a squad of several birds and launch them into a rectangular field where a bunch of pigs holds defense. Your aim is to cause as much damage as possible in a single shot. That’s possible only if you choose an accurate angle. Unlike the previous 2D installments, birds don’t disappear after one attack, but they can be killed by pigs that strike when you finish a combo.

The campaign will take you on a journey around the Island of Birds on which you will meet over 100 new feathered friends. Don’t forget to upgrade them to look at what happens. The birds will achieve new appearances, skills, and become much stronger than they’ve ever been.

While having fun in the campaign mode, try the weekly online events to get extra XP, special prizes, and unlock the rarest birds of the island. It may be quite difficult to do alone, so hurry up to summon your friends and establish a clan. Then, level it up in fights with neighbor clans and move towards domination on the island.


Unity Engine is the basis for hundreds of beautiful games in any genre, and Angry Birds Evolution is not an exclusion. It presents numerous highly detailed locations with vivid colors as well as perfectly animated characters and impressive FX. Such quality is comparable to exclusives for Switch by Nintendo.


The real value of Angry Birds Evolution matches the title of the chapter. It became much more exciting, diverse, and funny. The pinball turn-based combat is perfectly adapted for touchscreen and provides freedom of strategy-making. Now it deserves the attention of all mobile RPG fans. Jump in and try the brand new cross-platform multiplayer on your smartphone, tablet, or Switch console. Who rules Bacon? What’s the Eagle Squad? Only you can figure things out.





Angry Birds Evolution

5 / 5

Author: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Latest Version: 2.7.0
Size: Varies with device

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