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Crackle - Free TV & Movies review

Crackle is a video streaming app owned by the Sony Pictures. Hollywood movies, hit TV shows and exclusive Crackle Originals are here for your attention. With the Crackle app, you can watch a premium video content on all devices absolutely for free with no subscription.

Download Crackle app on your device and stream selected video content. Watch cult movies and TV-shows like Snatch, StartUp, SuperMansion, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, and lots of others. Searching by Stars, you can select content with various actors’ and show-men participation. Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Freeman, Rupert Grint, Charlie Sheen, Kate Bosworth are among the list of Crackle Stars.

Select and browse the video content in the categories such as TV shows, movies and so on. Streamline your search based on genres as well. Great comedy, drama and action entertainment performed by Crackle will help you to escape the daily grind.

Features and Functions

Crackle app installed on your device allows you to watch your favorite entertainment content on your smartphones and tablets. Also, you can stream on televisions using technology like Chromecast.

Crackle app is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets, and Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV. The app version varies according to the OS version and the technical configuration of the device.

You can stream premium TV-shows and movies from a library full of new. It is constantly updated with fresh and iconic hits. To access handpicked content, you can utilize an inbuilt feature, What’s On Now. The feature displays top recommendations based on the trending topics and your browsing history. You can also save content in the Watch Later list, and watch it later in your leisure time.

Features like What’s On Now, Always On that allows you to watch videos instantly, and a revamped interface; these all aspects enhance user experience considerably on Crackle app. Further, the intuitive features like intelligent search mechanism and seamless projection of videos on larger screens are also favorable aspects. You can search the content on Crackle app instantly as it displays relevant keywords as you type the query.

The Crackle app is available for free of cost. But the app displays advertisements for revenue purposes. You can create your Crackle account and watch content without any interruptions. Moreover, you can resume watching content by logging in using same credentials on another device.


With its crisp, high-end video content and convenient navigation, Crackle becomes your irreplaceable TV-guide.

Nevertheless, recently the Crackle app interface was criticized by users as difficult to navigate across various features of the app. But now, the revamped version has sorted out most of the complexities.

The navigation has been improvised significantly with revamped menus, display grids, and so on. You can easily toggle categories such as movies, TV shows, Watch Now, and so on. Talking about the intuitive aspect, it is evident from the search mechanism.  


Don’t want to incur heavy costs by subscribing to cable services? Then you definitely need to install Crackle app on your Android or Apple device. Noticeably, that watching cult movies and shows from the Sony Pictures are free of cost, and you don’t have to pay a dime. Nevertheless, the latest shows and movies are not accessible with the app.

Numerous advertisements that often displayed while you are using the app might be annoying. The ads are considerably lengthy, that can even cause a loss of interest in a show. This is a tangible disadvantage.

Nevertheless, the app interface and design facilitate easy navigation and watching videos instantly without any clutters. The categorization of content on the basis of the genre is beneficial in locating relevant content without any hassles.





Crackle - Free TV & Movies

5 / 5

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