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Express Plus Centrelink review

There are numerous things that you can undertake with the help of Express Plus Centrelink app. It includes the Department of Human Services’ Express Plus Families along with job seekers and students. The app has been tailored to cater to all their needs and requirements. With this amazing app on your phone, you can do your Centrelink business online easily. A plenty of features and functionalities incorporated into the app further ensures that trading online on Centrelink is no more a hassle for you. Stay connected with Centrelink and flourish your business with the help of this amazing app.

Features and Functions

With the Express Plus Centrelink app, you can view your payment history, update your personal information, have a look at the online letters, and even upload your necessary documents right from your smartphone. The app entirely eliminates the hassle of going to an office or wait on the phone.

Other than keeping the app updated with your financial information, you can use it to update your study details. The app also offers a feature with which you can update your family income estimate. If you are looking forward to applying for an advance payment, you can do the same with this app. Tracking your online claims for Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance is quite easy when you have this amazing tool on your smart device.

There is a calendar feature that has been integrated into the Express Plus Centrelink app. With its help, you can view all your Centrelink appointments at one place. With the same feature, you can even set reminders for your appointment so that you do not miss them as and when they come. The app also makes it convenient and super easy for the users to report their employment income and their Mutual Obligation Requirements. If you use a BasicsCard, you can manage your own money, see the available balance, and know the recent transactions. Vault, Digital Wallet, Timesheet, Calculator, etc. are some of the other features of the app.


There are different blocks that you see on the interface of the app. These blocks are colored differently and each one of them holds a feature. Other main features and functionalities of the app have been concealed in the side menu of the app which makes it amazingly easy and convenient for the users to locate them. Though there are many features, the interface still looks organized and well-managed. The smooth navigation further makes sure that the users do not get lost while browsing the app.


If you are a Centrelink business owner, install this app to experience the ease of doing business. Gone are the days when you had to go to Centrelink’s office to just update your information. You can do the same with the help of this app and save your precious time. Setting up the app is quite easy. All you need to do is register for a Centrelink online account through myGov to obtain your login credentials. Just in case, if you are stuck somewhere or can’t figure out the utility of a feature, you can find the app’s troubleshooting guide on the website of Human Services.





Express Plus Centrelink

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