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Everyone loves to talk about their family history. But what if you can document it once and for all? What if you can edit your family history when someone new enters your family?  If this is what you are looking for, then the FamilySearch Tree is the app for you. Now easily manage your family tree and let it flourish with the help of this simple-to-use app. It has some of the amazing features that not only allow you to make a family tree but also lets you add information and details about every family member. Start building your own family tree now.

Features and Functions

With the help of the FamilySearch Tree app, you can easily make your family tree, edit it, and even share it with other family members. The app comes with a sync feature. Thus, changes made on either the FamilySearch’s website or any other device sync automatically everywhere.

Other than viewing, adding, and editing information about your ancestors and family members, you can even enhance your family tree by adding their photos and their stories.  If there is any document related to them, you can even add the same to the app.

With the app, you can see which ancestors’ FamilySearch has already been found in the historical records. You can even find your ancestors in the billions of record on the FamilySearch’s website. This helps you learn more about your family's story. There is also a feature in the app that allows you to see how you are related to the nearby FamilySearch users. Get in touch with them and plan your next group meeting or any such event.

You can even explore your heritage in maps. This feature shows you where the key events in your ancestors’ lives took place. Last but not the least, there is a messaging feature in the app which allows you to communicate with other FamilySearch users.


Every effort has been made so as to ensure that the app’s interface remains free from any sort of clutter. This is so because any mess on the app could hamper the design of the family tree.  Further, when you tap on any family member, you are redirected to an information portal about him or her. The same portal has been organized properly so as to give you the information in a clean manner. Various other pieces of information about a member, for instance, spouse, parents, sources, etc. have been categorized amazingly well.


When you learn something new about your family or family history, it is quite a proud and emotional moment.  But what if you can save this detail or information forever? Or how about sharing the same with the generations to come? Do it all with this simple yet innovative app called FamilySearch Tree. It is free and allows you to save and share heart-turning family stories. With features such as uploading photos of your family members and uploading their stories, their memories always remain fresh in your mind even when they are long gone. Nurture your family tree with the FamilySearch Tree app.





FamilySearch Tree

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