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FlipaClip - Cartoon animation review

Do you often get inspired and motivated to draw something? Would you like others to appreciate your work? Meet FlipaClip as one of the possible solutions. Having it installed on your phone or tablet will let you create cool images, infographics, animations, and videos on the go. No matter whether you are a professional artist, study this art as a student or have it just as a hobby, FlipaClip may be useful and educational. 

The tool makes it possible to come up with an animated video with the help of frame-by-frame animation. It reminds most of the users of the old-school flip book but with a new approach and upgraded features.

Features and Functions

FlipaClip developers claim that they have included all the necessary features to make the process of drawing/painting convenient, simple, and quick. Here are the basic features and functions of this application:

  • A great variety of drawing layers
  • Animation timeline
  • Updated frames manager
  • Onion layers that pop up prior to and after frames as ghost pics
  • Various painting and animation tools 
  • Special text tool
  • Share option (users can send finished animated videos and other visual works to YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Pen support that is sensitive to touch and pressure
  • Opportunity to create animated clips
  • Audio recording, audio library, and import of audio files added
  • Samsung Spen support
  • Friendly and highly responsive customer support via special forum
  • Open-source code available for its users

Users especially appreciate the option that allows sharing a fresh video or animation with their friends and followers on social media as it helps promote personal pages, groups, communities, and events much faster. 

The app also offers a free, simple example of a cartoon designed and developed using the software to let users understand what they might obtain in the end. The developers also reward the best works of their users.


As for an app of this type, FlipaClip has a rather simple and convenient interface that users quickly get acquainted with. It is easy and fast to draw what you want without any obstacles. Painting does not take too much time or effort since the developers improved interface significantly.

If you know how to draw and do it well, you will find this activity much simpler with FlipaClip thanks to its interface. You will have all the necessary tools at hand. One of the interface elements is the convenient storyboard, which is visible at the bottom. There, a user can add or remove the necessary elements. FlipaClip interface also makes the process more comfortable and exciting thanks to the collection of ready-made backgrounds.


No matter whether you are storyboarding, training your drawing skills, or just having fun, FlipaClip might be of interest to you. It is never too late to start something new. Thus, if you want to try yourself in the field of painting, FlipaClip is one of the easy applications that you can quickly download, set up, and start using. Professionals mostly like this software as well. It saves time on, for instance, creating cartoonish-style games or ads. People who have something to share with others using visual elements will find this app helpful. Besides, the interface makes it even more convenient to draw.





FlipaClip - Cartoon animation

5 / 5

Author: Visual Blasters LLC
Latest Version: 2.4.6
Size: 31M

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